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Formed in 2012, Senior Trust management team has participated in a number of offers, all focused on lending to the senior living sector, with a successful track record in delivering targeted returns. As fellow stakeholders, we remain dedicated to providing investors with the opportunity to benefit from the growth of the senior living sector and are highly focused on strong governance, compliance and ensuring effective, clear and transparent disclosure to all investors. 

Our corporate governance framework is a set of principles, guidelines and practices that assist in our objective of delivering sustainable financial performance and value creation for our investors. Our commitment to good corporate governance is integral to our business and reflects both our regulatory obligations and the requirement for effective leadership and oversight by our Board of Directors. 

The Board is also responsible for ensuring effective communication with investors and other stakeholders. This includes approving the quarterly and annual reports and conducting annual general meetings. 

Senior Trust Capital is a regulated offer of shares (OFR10040) and is a registered financial service provider (FSP255645).

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Can I get my money out if I need to?


Senior Trust anticipates making offers before 31st of March 2027 to repay capital as loan repayments occur. This process is intended to provide liquidity to Shareholders. For further details refer to the Product disclosure Statement.

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View our offer details listed under Senior Trust Capital’s offer number (OFR10040).

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My wife, Helen has been with you for close on the last 20 years, and has been very pleased with both the returns, and your attitude in keeping us well informed. We say your service has been of the highest order. We recommend you to others.

Gary | Hamilton

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